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At The Emily Post Institute we believe that etiquette and civility are the keys to building successful relationships and navigating life with confidence and ease.

Our collection of e-learning programs will help you do just that!

The New York Times best-selling author and great-grandson of Emily Post, Peter Post, personally hosts the Emily Post Institute's E-Learning program.




Emily Post’s Business Etiquette E-Learning  - $99

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Inspire positive change in your company with
Business Etiquette e-learning

Set the tone for success by fostering and enhancing professionalism through business etiquette and relationship building. The series will benefit employees and managers alike as well as other professionals who are looking to refresh their skills for personal growth and mentoring.

Each of the modules focus on a specific area of business life:Written communicationVerbal communicationWorkplace standardsMeetings, Professional image, Business socialTop ten dining tips24/7 professional

Each lesson is six to fourteen minutes in length. The lessons can be watched individually or taken as a complete course.

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Emily Post’s Business Dining Etiquette Essentials - $29

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What are the ten most important things to know when you go out for a business meal?

This all new E-Learning course from The Emily Post Institute teaches professionals, new hires, sales people, the most important table manners for navigating a business meal.


Etiquette for the Workplace - $39

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What to do and how to do it to build successful relationships at work.

Throughout the day you interact with a bosses, colleagues, clients and prospects. From the moment you walk in the door in the morning to that important client meeting, knowing how to handle all the situations you encounter will help you be more successful.

 The Etiquette in the Workplace E-Learning course provides advice on those everyday questions like: "Do you say good morning to each person at the start of the day?" to helping you resolve difficult conumdrums like "I love my job, but I hate my boss. What do I do?"

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Emily Post's Communications Course - $39

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From smart phones to email, communicating effectively is a necessity in today's business world.

Everything about effective communications in one course. Written communications focuses on the critically important etiquette of email as well as providing tips for texting and online communications like tweets. Voice communications section focuses on how your voice affects how people hear you and on ways to use your smart phone without negatively impacting people around you or disturbing others in a meeting with you.

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